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Applied Mechanics

Abbreviation of study field: AME-A
Abbreviation: AVI-A
Length of study: 4 years
Title: Ph.D. 
Form of study: full-time or combined 
Department: Department of Mechanics

Basic information

Doctoral study in the Department of Applied Mechanics is directly connected to the Master study program “Applied Mechanics” offered by the Faculty. Applicants interested in research and development in applied mechanics, who have graduated from other technical  faculties, are also eligible for admission to the PhD. program supposed they have specialized in mechanics, physics, mathematics and/or design.

     The PhD. study is focused on scientific research and creativity in various branches of mechanics of solid and flexible bodies and continua. Doctoral students gain a more profound knowledge especially in the analysis of motion, stress and strain, durability and failure prediction of mechanical and biomechanical systems subjected to static, thermal and dynamic loading. For solving these problems they use analytic, numerical and experimental methods.

     By the end of their studies PhD. candidates gain a good theoretical basis and a thorough knowledge in one of the following specializations:

  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis and synthesis of mechanical systems applied especially to rotor systems, screw machines, rail vehicle components and nuclear power facilities.
  • Damage and failure of structures from classical and composite materials with focus on the analysis of the material characteristics influence and on the development of methods for the optimization of composite structures.
  • Continuum mechanics, mechanics of microstructures and biomechanics focused on modelling mechanical and physical interactions in multiphase structured media and on modelling living tissues at both cellular and macroscopic levels for selected human organs, depending on the load applied and on physiological conditions.

The doctoral study program “Applied Mechanics” was accredited in both the full-time and combined forms. 

Organization of study

Students applying for admission to the doctoral study program select one of the topics offered by the Department and approved by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The admission procedure consists of an oral examination in mathematics and mechanics and evaluation of the following: grade average achieved during university studies, results of the final state examination and other professional activities (study stays, participation in research projects, presentations and publications of research results). Depending on the admission procedure results, the Admissions Board recommends admission of the applicant to the Dean.

In the first stage of study (usually two years), the student takes, in accordance with his/her individual study plan, examinations in three or four subjects and in English, and submits his/her application for admission to the state doctoral examination. On the supervisor´s recommendation the student can be exempted from the English examination supposing he/she has passed the state language examination or its equivalent in English or another world language, or if he/she has completed a study stay abroad of at least six months´ duration and can prove that he/she has used English (or another world language) for communication, and that he/she has given at least one presentation in English (or another world language) at an international conference before submitting his/her application for the thesis defense. The fulfillment of the study plan is evaluated annually by the PhD. Study Board.

The state doctoral examination is divided into two parts. In the first part the student takes examinations in mechanics of discrete systems, mechanics of continuum and a narrowly specialized subject, chosen by the PhD. Study Board and related to the topic of the student´s thesis. In the second part the reviewer and the Examination Board evaluate the student´s written report for the state doctoral examination and the presentation outlining his/her future work on the doctoral thesis .

The doctoral study is concluded by the defense of the student´s doctoral thesis before the Examination Board enlarged by two or three reviewers. During the defense the student gives a 20 minutes´ presentation of the aims, content and results of the thesis using multimedia tools; afterwards he/she answers the questions asked by the reviewers, Board members and guests and responds to their comments.

Full-time students are obliged to participate in the teaching activities of the Department at least two hours a week for two terms. Students in both full-time and combined forms of study are required to present their research at scientific seminars and conferences. At least one of these events should be international and the presentation should be given in English. They are also expected to publish at least one paper in the reviewed proceedings of an international conference or in a journal.

Profile of the programme

Graduate is able to independently follow and in practice to apply advanced mathematical and physical methods of modelling and simulation of complex mechanical and biomechanical systems. He/she is ready for creative technical and scientific work. Graduates find career opportunities especially in research and development centers in various industrial companies , in public research institutions (e.g., Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), in higher education institutions and in medical research centers.