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The Faculty of Applied Sciences is a faculty of a mixed nature combining engineering and natural science disciplines. Its goal is to prepare future bachelors, engineers, masters, and doctors in programmes based on mathematics, physics, mechanics, computer science and cybernetics.

FAV building Our graduates have a broad overview of technology and science and their possible applications. With the help of modern computer technology they are able to solve highly demanding problems of analysis and synthesis of different systems and their control, to develop modern physical and information technologies and to explore different models of concrete processes and phenomena. The graduates are well equipped to find highly qualified jobs in the labour market or to devote themselves fully to research. 

All those who are interested in short term educational visit are welcome here via Erasmus programme or other mobility programmes. More details can be found at: http://fav.zcu.cz/en/study/mobility/

All those who have completed a Master study programme are eligible for admission to a doctoral study programme in both full-time and combined forms of study. The standard length of study is 4 years. The degree awarded on completion of the study is Ph.D. More details can be found at: http://fav.zcu.cz/en/study/doctoral/