Standard Lenght: 4 years
Degree: Doctor, Ph.D. 
Form of study: present / combined
Department: Deapartment of Cybernetics
Language: Czech / English


Doctoral study in the field of Cybernetics is directly connected with the Master study in the field of Cybernetics and Control Engineering within the study program “Applied Sciences and Informatics”, accredited at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Graduates of other technical and natural science faculties, specialized in informatics, computer science, mechatronics, applied mathematics and similar fields are also eligible for this study. The program is primarily based on the individual work of students with focus on the scientific research documented by his/her publication activity. The courses are intended to broaden the students´ theoretical knowledge in selected scientific areas.


Doctoral study in the field of Cybernetics is focused on the following areas:

  • design and development of methods for system identification, nonlinear filtration, fault detection, optimal decision-making or control and adaptive systems covering adaptive control and adaptive signal processing,
  • research into and development of new methods of industrial process control focused on robust and predictive control and on automatic design and tuning of industrial controllers,
  • design and development of speech technologies, i.e. computer analysis, synthesis and speech signal recognition, design and construction of voice dialogue systems including development of speech understanding methods,
  • development of decision-making methods with the support of artificial intelligence, integration of knowledge-based and attribute-based approaches (especially in technical and medical diagnostics),
  • modelling , simulation and control of power distribution networks.


Its ultimate goal is to acquaint PhD. students with methods of scientific research and to prepare them for highly qualified work in institutions conducting fundamental, applied and/or industrial research (universities, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, industrial companies, hospitals and other institutions) or as specialists in the management of specialized facilities and companies.