Follow-up master’s programmes

Continue your studies in the same field you studied as a Bachelor or choose an entirely different programme. It is up to you.
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Master study programmes are open to all who have completed a Bachelor study programme. The standard length of study is 2 years. Degrees awarded on completing the study are Ing., Mgr., and RNDr.


  • credit system of study 
  • the perspective of finding a job with a corresponding financial evaluation without problems
  • study programs and fields in the full-time form of study with the possibility of choosing the study of courses of all faculties of the UWB in Pilsen


  • non-anonymous environment of a medium-sized faculty
  • well-equipped modern library and orderless canteen on the premises
  • dormitory one stop away by public transport
  • university campus in a quiet place with lots of greenery
  • parks and university sports grounds
  • tram stop called Technická directly at the faculty
  • university cafe in the faculty building
  • modern comfortably equipped lecture halls
  • study room
  • faculty parking
  • in the vicinity UniCity living, bakery, bistro and several department stores


  • lengthy daily travel
  • high costs of living
  • stress from the unavailability of field courses
  • study of courses unrelated to the field


The study in bachelor's and master's degree programmes is offered only in the Czech language. Applicants from abroad (except for the Slovak Republic) are required to prove that they have met the minimum language level according to the SERR; details are given in the instructions for the selected type of study.

Foreigners interested in Czech study programmes at the Faculty of Applied Sciences can take advantage of the new preparatory courses organised by the Institute of Applied Language Studies of the University of West Bohemia. In addition to the Czech language training, courses also encompass lessons in mathematics, physics, and informatics. More information at https://www.ujp.zcu.cz/en/Public/preparatory_courses/index.html