HR Award

The European Commission awards the prestigious HR Award (the HR Excellence in Research Award), for excellence in human resources management in the scientific environment. For academics and researchers, the organization with HR Award delivers a guarantee of a European standard of care for employees, higher ethical standards, openness and transparency in selection procedures and the quality of the working environment. For our faculty, the HR Award logo also makes it more attractive to reach researchers from abroad or to receive grants. The HR Award, awarded to research organizations in Europe, is nowadays considered as an international quality standard in the management and development of human resources in science and research. Our faculty in cooperation with other faculties and the management of UWB has developed an action plan that will contribute to meeting the quality standards of management and human resources development and maintaining the HR Award in the years to come.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences received this prestigious award in August 2019.

The main benefit of HRS4R implementation for university / faculty and researchers

  • Increasing university prestige and attractiveness for researchers
  • Usage of the prestigious “HR Award” label on the institution's website, promotional materials, and EURAXESS Jobs
  • Obtaining research funding from European and domestic research support programs - advantages in TAČR, HORIZON 2020 and others (flat rate overheads up to 30 % - depends on the specific announcement; possibility to apply to the H2020 program [according to Article 32 signing in to the Charter and the Code is conditional])
  • Creating favorable conditions for a career in research and development at the university
  • Ensuring transparent recruitment and selection of new researchers
  • Developing the professional growth of researchers

Action plan

simple table with description of activity, status of fulfillment, deadlines for fulfillment, who is responsible, etc.

The update of the action plan of the Faculty of Applied Sciences was preceded by a questionnaire survey. The suggestions made in the questionnaire survey were taken into account when preparing the action plan. The results of the questionnaire survey are available below.


HR Award implementation team

Steering Committee - University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

doc. Dr. RNDr. Miroslav Holeček - Rector

doc. Ing. Luděk Hynčík, Ph.D. - Vice-Rectror for R&D

doc. Ing. Miloš Železný, Ph.D. - Dean (FAS)

doc. Ing. Pavel Baroch, Ph.D. - Vice-Dean for Internationalization and External Relations (FAS)

HR Award Working Group

doc. Ing. Pavel Baroch, Ph.D. - Vice-Dean for Internationalization and External Relations (FAS)

Mgr. Petr Šimon - Projet manager (UWB)

Ing. Josef Weinreb, CSc. - Project Coordinator HRS4R  (FAS)

Ing. Martina Tršová - HR referent (FAS)

Ing. Tetjana Tomášková, Ph.D. - Project Coordinator HRS4R (FME)

Ing. Petr Netolický, Ph.D. - Project Coordinator HRS4R (FEE)

Mgr. Petr Kavalíř, Ph.D., MBA - Project Coordinator HRS4R (NTC)

The activities of the working group and the fulfillment of the individual phases are overseen by the so-called steering committee, headed by the Rector of the University of West Bohemia, Doc. Dr. RNDr. Miroslav Holeček. Committee is composed of representatives of the university management and senior experts of the university.

Further information on HRS4R

Ing. Martina Tršová
HR referent
Tel.: +420 37763 2061     


HR AWARD documents