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General information

We offers studies in a wide range of study programmes in technical education.

The admission procedure is set up to offer the possibility of study to applicants from various types of secondary schools, and the set of criteria for admission respect many aspects (eg. achieved average results from national comparative examinations).

We guarantee acceptance - we have an eminent interest especially in the highest quality candidates (successful solvers of selected prestigious competitions, etc.), to whom we guarantee acceptance.

The graduate of the bachelor's study will obtain the degree of Bc. and may continue to study in one of the master's programmes (degree Ing. or Mgr.) or apply in practice.

Why to us?

  • credit system of study 
  • the perspective of finding a job with a corresponding financial evaluation without problems
  • study programs and fields in the full-time form of study with the possibility of choosing the study of courses of all faculties of the UWB in Pilsen

What can you expect?

  • non-anonymous environment of a medium-sized faculty
  • well-equipped modern library and orderless canteen on the premises
  • dormitory one stop away by public transport
  • university campus in a quiet place with lots of greenery
  • parks and university sports grounds
  • tram stop called Technická directly in front of the faculty
  • university cafe in the faculty building
  • modern comfortably equipped lecture halls
  • study room
  • faculty parking
  • in the vicinity UniCity living, bakery, bistro and several department stores